Of course you can. If you want to. If you have an idea, that you are passionate about and you want to explore it further with our audience, and challenge how design can evolve, then this is the right place for you. Your idea does not have to bring a revolution, but it should rather be a new perspective, a humane view on design, how can design do better and be planet-centric, thus holistic?

In order to be fully transparent with you though, while this publication is free for everyone to consume and potentially for everyone to contribute to, we do want to ensure that our readers get the best content on the subject therefore you will allow us to challenge you as well. If your article gets accepted, we will work together to ensure that we move in-parallel and do potential revisions until both ends are satisfied.

Every accepted contributor will be part of the team (if they agree to) and get the chance to build this community together with us.


What we are looking for

We ask you for some basic information about yourself and an outline of your idea (200-300 words). It can be a short paragraph, bullet points, or even a draft. We ask you to be descriptive and clear so that we can understand the point you are trying to communicate, so that we can reach you to discuss further and share feedback. However please note that we accept only original content and not already published content (and it goes without saying; we do not tolerate plagiarism).

Before you submit your proposal, do take a look at our already published articles. For all accepted content, the outcome article:

  • Outlines a clear thesis and argument. Get to the point, no meaningless meandering.
  • Is human, bold and most importantly you. Sure, your company and your product are interesting, but no.
  • Has a clear target audience in the constellation we know as design.
  • Is evidence-based and facts back your arguments. Opinions are great, but they don’t get us far.
  • Contributes to holistic design. Consider our principles!
  • Submit your proposal


Publishing an article

Your article should be in a readable and accessible format. The preferred method is Google Docs for easy feedback and communication. We would like to publish articles between 1000 to 2500 words depending on subject complexity. You will be responsible for visual material as well as proper attribution. Once we have your submission ready, we will schedule it for publishing, however, exact estimates are hard to make. So be patient with us!