My name is Manon, I am a Design Director in a Mental Health Tech startup, speaker, and mentor.

I went through a major depression in 2021. I was off work for 11 months.
Enthusiastic about impossible challenges, I’ve shared my dubiously humorous story with people in 6 countries at Nantes Devfest, IxDA Lausanne, Devoxx Paris and London, and at the UXDX community event. I’ll keep going for as long as it takes to put health first and reclaim our well-being. Born in France, raised as a citizen of the world, my purpose is to heal by Design.

Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your next company event or conference?

I speak about the topics like:
❤️‍🩹 Mental Health in the workplace
📱 UX design for Mental Health
🫂 Compassionate Leadership

I have had an excellent journey to study and marvel around the human emotions, cognition and behaviour, and how to make the products, services and systems support well-being with design, future and strategic thinking. I aim to continue that adventure and share my learnings by developing tools to empower others. I believe that the world can be better only if we work together, so chat with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I’m a Design Operations leader with a passion for developing operational programs, processes, and platforms as well as the ability to manage multiple programs, think holistically, and strategically while being able to tactically execute. Central to my role is developing a shared understanding that Design Ops is not just about design, it is a lever in which design at scale can be implemented and change management supported.

Bob Baxley is a design executive, advisor, mentor, and advocate that has built, managed, and led UX teams at some of Silicon Valley’s most respected companies. With a career spanning three decades, Bob's work at Apple, Pinterest, Yahoo!, and elsewhere has touched hundreds of millions of users around the world. Currently, Bob serves as the Senior Vice-President of Design at ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence and data analytics platform. An advisor to the Project Invent, Bob is committed to recruiting and inspiring the next generation of designers by mentoring individuals and advising organizations that are working to improve the profession and practice of digital product design.

Meredith Black is the co-founder of DesignOps Assembly and now a consultant working with companies worldwide to implement DesignOps within their organizations.

Prior, Meredith spent five years at Pinterest, where she started and grew the DesignOps team into an internationally renowned team while also being instrumental in growing and building the Pinterest Product Design Team.

You can listen to her discuss DesignOps on the DesignBetter podcast or check out “The DesignOps Handbook”.

For the past 18 years, I have been working with product/service companies and startups, both in early and high-growth stages. I am a co-founder at Joint Frontiers, and a co-host of ‘Human, the designer’. Additionally, I am a community organizer at DesignOps Helsinki & IxDA Helsinki, as well as an alumnus organizer of Joint Futures, UXHel, DSCONF, & Junction Hackathon. In my free time, I enjoy making music, taking long walks, and playing computer games.